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November 2013
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Mariana [userpic]
huge lot

ebay hates me in the mean time i'll have the details of the lot on my journal

it's all packed up and ready to be sent, i even have the international form with me and all that jazz!

50 super cool items mainly of Oshawott, Zekrom, Kyogre and Groudon!

but, first of all:

• i was granted sales permission on 5/8/2011 by dakajojo on pkmncollectors

• my feedback is here

• i ship from Brazil

• payment in USD, paypal only, paypal fees are not included in value

follow the cut and see pictures!

wail kid miju resized

now for details:

both kyogre and groudon UFO are the big versions! i got them in a lot on y!j

oshawott pd and oshawott dream world = hang tag detached

duskull pd = hang tag attached but creased (pictures here -no flash- and here -with flash-)

oshawott pkmncenter (got it from the seattle kiosk) and latios us pd = hang tag attached, perfect condition

oshawott backpack = hang tag attached (how it looks on someone -i'm 1,61- here and here)

everything else is tush tag only

pokepark kyogre has some damages (see here and here)

all the figures and clear files in perfect condition BUT the wailord figure and oshawott pokeball keychain (see bigger picture here)

the other flats are also in perfect condition as far as i could tell

if there's any questions about any other items, let me know!

i'm asking for $470 (ebay fees are $52, so i'm getting $418 for it)
i hope i got the overall prices of things right, and this is fair? let me know if it isn't

shipping will be $50 for US in economic (12-18 days, at least that's what the correios (brazil's post office) website says)
it has an EMS option (???) that arrives in 2-3 days, for around $60

since ebay is being a poopface, if someone wants to buy the lot from me directly, it is $415 without shipping and fees

so yeah!!!!! let me know!!!!!


Since everything is already packed does that mean you're not separating anything for separate sale? I'm eyeing that Duskull pokedoll if you change your mind about selling this as a lot. :3

sadly, shipping from Brazil is VERY expensive, that's why I always sell everything as a lot unless is something very expensive by itself!

for example, you would probably pay $20+ in shipping for the pokedoll ):

That's completely understandable, international shipping can be so much at times.. I wish you luck with your sales though, and thank you for getting back to me. ^^